Our Mission

The Bloomfield Historical Society is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the rich history of the Bloomfield area by identifying, promoting, and conserving our heritage. We encourage research to educate and engage all generations.

Are you curious about the history of Bloomfield?  What was it like in 1830 when the census showed only 30 families in the area?  How did we change from an area of farms and orchards to become a home to some of the most important industrialists and philanthropists in the 20th Century?

Who we are:
We’re a young and growing Society. Founded in 2004, we came together because of our interest in the history of the Bloomfield area and the people who played a part in making it what it was, and is today.

What we do:
We respond to the curiosity of our members. We co-sponsor a series of programs centered on our local history. We raise awareness of Bloomfield’s past to inform its future.

What you can do…Join us! Download our Membership Form and join us in preserving our history.  If you have any questions, e-mail us !



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