Barton Farmhouse

The Benjamin-Barton House

The Benjamin-Barton House is located on the Bowers School Farm at 1219 East Square Lake Road in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

A classic folk Greek Revival style farm home, it is one of the few remaining examples of the style which predominated here more than 150 years ago when Bloomfield was a rural, agrarian community.

 James Darwin Benjamin, a pioneer settler from New York, built the house around 1845 on Bloomfield Centre Road (now Long Lake Road). In 2006 the house was donated to the community. Preservation Bloomfield, a charitable organization, assumed ownership of the house and moved it to the Bloomfield Hills Schools farm.

The original Greek Revival core, restored to reflect farm life in the mid-1800’s, provides a setting for schoolchildren to engage in their local history. The historic area of the house along with its back extension, which has been adapted for contemporary use, is available as a community gathering place for social and other educational activities.

Have you ever gone by the school farm and wondered about how the Barton Farmhouse got from its original location on Eastways & Long Lake?  Check out this video of the 2008 move:

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