November 14, 2021: The Junipers Estate of C.A. Newcomb Jr.

The Junipers (C.A. Newcomb) – 1917





Before there was the J.L. Hudson Co. there was the Newcomb & Endicott Co. founded in 1868 by Cyrenius A. Newcomb, from Boston and Charles Endicott from Chicago. It was one of the very first true department stores in Detroit. It began 13 years before the J.L. Hudson Company was founded.

In 1920, a couple of years after he was elected president of the Newcomb & Endicott Co., C.A. Newcomb, Jr. purchased 148 acres of land just south of W. Long Lake Rd. along the east side of Echo Rd. just to the west of the current Bloomfield Township offices and the Bloomfield Hills High School. C.A. Newcomb, Jr. and his wife, Brownie Kellie Newcomb, built a fine year-around estate house overlooking the three small lakes which they named The Junipers.

This presentation, recorded at The Village Club in Bloomfield Hills in April, 2022, covers the history of The Junipers estate and what became of it after Mrs. Brownie Newcomb died in 1958.  All that remains of The Junipers estate today are the extensive field Stone walls that formed the formal landscaping for the estate house.



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