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In 2002 the director of the Bloomfield Township Public Library, Karen Kotulis – Carter, began a series of presentation featuring various aspects of the Bloomfield area history. Once the Bloomfield Historical Society came into being in 2004 these programs have been jointly sponsored by the Historical Society and the library. The speakers for these presentations are members of the Historical Society, guests from other areas who have developed material on Bloomfield and authors of books of an historic nature that may be of interest to Bloomfield residents. The presentations are given before a live audience in the large Community Room in the Library on Sunday afternoons between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. The presentations are generally given using PowerPoint slides.  The talks are recorded by Bloomfield Community TV and can be viewed on our website or on demand from BCTV and DVDs from the Library. 

Videos of Past Presentations

Albert Kahn:  The Residences
Join our author, photographer and architectural historian as he discusses the many prominent public figures of metro Detroit’s past for whom Albert Kahn designed residences. References to significant Detroiters, including Senator James J. Couzens, Cranbrook co-founder George Booth, FMC executive Frank Klingensmith, and department store pioneer Benjamin Siegel…
Dale A. Carlson   4/14/2024

Waterways, Trails, Artifacts and Wild Rice
The challenges of uncovering Native American history in Oakland County.
Carol Bacak-Egbo 3/10/2024

The Orphan Train Era:  The Story Behind the Orphans Who Were Brought to Michigan
The Orphan Train era, and the story behind the orphans who were brought to Michigan between 1845 – 1927.
Al Eicher   10/17/2023

The History and Restoration of a One-of-a-Kind 1925 Home
The history and development of the Pine Lake area, and the restoration and history of 2690 Pine Lake Road, one of the most recognized historic homes in our area.
Paul Wilbur   5/7/2023

A Fascinating Look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Remarkable Affleck House
The history of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian Style Affleck House.
Dr. Dale Gyure, PHD   2/19/2023

Two Important Bloomfield Township Homes Recently Added to the National Register of Historic Places
The history of two Bloomfield homes now in the National Register of Historic Places.  Walbri Hall (1925), the summer home of manufacturing mogul and Detroit Tigers owner, Walter O. Briggs; and Elijah Bull House (Old Oak, 1830’s) one of the oldest homes in Bloomfield Township.
John Marshall, Marilyn Tuchow   9/18/2023

A Retrospective with Award-Winning Photojournalist and Author, Linda Solomon
Photojournalist and author Linda Solomon presents four decades of the life and career of Aretha Franklin.
Linda Solomon   4/24/2022

Historic Bloomfield Homes of Detroit Auto Executives
Four historic Bloomfield homes (1928 – 1930) of Detroit auto executives, referencing the houses, the properties, and the careers of the original owners.
John Marshall   2/27/2022

The Junipers Estate of C.A. Newcomb, Jr.
The history of the Junipers estate (1917) of C.A. Newcomb, Jr. and his wife, Brownie Kellie Newcomb.
John Marshall   11/14/2021

From Carriages to Cars
From Carriages to Cars – how the local carriage business responded to the emergence of the auto industry.
Mike West   9/26/2021

Happy 200th Birthday, Oakland County
History of Oakland County and its 200-year birthday celebration.
Jim Craft   2/9/2021

Building the Modern World:  Albert Kahn in Detroit
Architect Albert Kahn brought new ways of looking at industrial manufacturing techniques, and updated traditional architectural styles.
Michael Hodges   10/6/2019

When Your House Came in a Boxcar
Sears Catalog Homes – the story of area houses built from a kit.
Andrew and Wendy Mutch   4/28/2019

Pewabic Pottery: History Handcrafted in Detroit
The history of Pewabic Pottery and its unique glazed clay.  Founders Mary Chase Perry and Horace Caulkins, and Pewabic Pottery’s connection to Cranbrook.
Cara Catallo   2/17/2019

1818 Expedition into the Interior
Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Oakland County Expedition, which opened the interior of Oakland County for settlement.
Dave Bogart, Gina Gregory, Neil Hepburn, John Marshall   10/7/2018

The Detroit Public Library – Detroit’s Other Great Art Museum
The Detroit Public Library art and architectural details – often regarded as “the most beautiful building in Detroit.”
Barbara Madgy Cohn   4/29/2018

The Mills of Oakland County 1818 – 2018
The mills of Oakland County – sawmills, cider mills, grist mills, woolen mills.
Dave Decker, John Marshall   2/18/2018

From the Guardian to the Kirk
The history of architect Wirt Rowland and the rise of modern American architecture, with several local references, including the Kirk in the Hills.
Michael G. Smith   9/24/2017

Bloomfield’s Iconic Fox and Hounds Inn
The history of the iconic Fox and Hounds Inn (1927) in the City of Bloomfield Hills.
John Marshall, Katie Kiyo   4/30/2017

Singing Wheels – August Fruehauf and the History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company
The history of the Fruehauf Trailer Company.
Ruth Fruehauf   2/12/2017

The Afterglow Magazine – The ‘20’s Are back
The contents of the Afterglow Magazine (published 1925 – 1927) and how to access the information.
John Marshall  10/2/2016

Yamasaki in Detroit and Bloomfield
The history of architect Minoru Yamasaki in both Detroit and Bloomfield.
John Gallagher   6/12/2016

The Story of the Craig Cabin
The history of the Craig Log Cabin, one of the earliest structures in Bloomfield Township.
John Marshall   4/24/2016

1915 – Bloomfield Takes a Road Trip – Twice
Edsel Ford, Frank Book et al, take an iconic road trip from Dearborn to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, resulting in intriguing artwork applied to a 1930 Wing Lake home.
John Marshall   10/18/2015

1915 Bloomfield – The Past Goes Digital
The digitization of the 1915 Bird’s Eye view watercolor map of Bloomfield Township, including Bloomfield Center/Hills, and Birmingham, and how the images can be accessed.
Larry Trinkaus, John Marshall   4/19/2015

Everything Was Muddy and Everyone Was Drunk: The Hidden History of Detroit
Rousting stories from Detroit’s frontier days, from tavern to wagon trail – the hidden and fun history.Amy Elliott Bragg   2/12/2015

The Tigers Tied to Bloomfield
A virtual tour of the Walbri Estate (1925), the summer home of Walter O. Briggs.  Includes outbuildings, one of which was later used as a studio by sculptor, Marshall Fredericks.
John Marshall   9/21/2014

Snapshots and Memories, II
The digitization of our residents’ own photos and memorabilia.
Al Eicher, Larry Trinkaus, John Marshall   4/27/2014

Preserving Historic Family Photographs
Techniques for preserving old family photographs.
Adam Lovell   3/25/2014

Detroit Old City Hall
The history of Detroit’s old City Hall (1871 – 1961).
Dan Austin   2/16/2014

Henry Ford and Friends
The history of auto magnate Henry Ford, in the year of The Henry Ford’s celebration of his 150th birthday.
Steven Stanford   10/2/2013

Where Have All the Graveyards Gone?
A History Mystery:  Bloomfield’s cemeteries, who was buried in them, and where have they gone?
John Marshall   2/17/2013

Native People of the Great Lakes
The archaeology, history, and culture of Native Americans of the Great Lakes area, especially Ojibway, Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes.
Cameron Wood   9/23/2012

Lighthouses Along the Rivers of Steel
The history of Michigan’s train depots, as a center of commerce, information, and transportation.
Ron Campbell   4/29/2012

An Epic of Heroism – the Underground Railroad
The history of the Underground Railroad in Oakland County in the 1820’s – 1860’s.  Bloomfield’s role in this movement and era of resistance and freedom.
Prof. Rochelle E. Danquah   2/12/2012

If Woodward Avenue Could Talk
The history of, and development of Woodward Avenue.
Deborah Schutt   9/18/2011

Digging Into Our Past
The story of the Giles Austin pioneer family, along with the lifestyle of pioneer families in general, supported by historical and archeological evidence.
Dr. Richard Stamps   4/18/2010

What Drew Us to Bloomfield?  It’s All About Lifestyles…
From the time of Native American footpaths to multi-laned Woodward Avenue, residents of Bloomfield Have lived distinctive lifestyles.  A local historian will explain why Native Americans, Farmers, Owners of Country Estates, and Suburbanites have made this area home over the years.
Buzz Brown   2/21/2010

The Eccentric – Bloomfield’s History in Paper
The history of the Birmingham Eccentric, and the importance of community journalism.
Greg Kowalski   1/18/2009

Old is the New Green
Historic preservation/sustainability techniques practiced by preservation architects
Gene Hopkins   4/26/2009

The Village Club
The history of the Village Club, the historic home of the Charles Winningham family.
Louise Simpson   9/28/2008

The Historic Kirk in the Hills
The history of Kirk in the Hills, former residence of Col. Edwin George.
Crystal Thomas   4/6/2008

The Historic Barton Farmhouse
The history of the Barton Farmhouse, relocated to the Bowers School Farm, and the fascinating stories of the families who lived there.
Ron Campbell   12/2/2007

The History of the Vaughn-Vernor Stone House
The history of the Vaughn-Vernor stone house, and the Vernor’s Ginger Ale Company.
Dr. Keith Wunderlich   8/23/2007

History of Your House – Discovering a Sense of Space
How to research the history of your home through maps, city directories, photos, manuscripts, local publications, city and township records, and architectural records.
Leslie Edwards   6/7/2007

The Relocation of the Railroad 1928 – 1931
The relocation (1928 – 1931) of the GTWRR railroad, and its impact on our community.
John Marshall   4/22/2007

The Stone School at Wing Lake
The history of Wing Lake School (1850’s) located in Bloomfield Township.
John Marshall, Michael Carmichael, Pam Carmichael   2/25/2007

The Historic William Craig Log House 
The Craig Log Cabin and its historic significance as one of the oldest structures in Bloomfield Township.
Jim McCabe   9/24/2006

Dead Reckoning – A Compendium of Oakland County Cemeteries
A compendium of burial grounds, graveyards, and cemeteries in Oakland County, as well as practices and traditions associated with burials, as observed over history.
Charlie Martinez   9/25/2005

How Judson Bradway Developed the Hills of Bloomfield
How Judson Bradway developed the Bloomfield area, between 1908 and the early 1960’s.
Charles Kirkpatrick   5/22/2005

Asylum – Pontiac’s Grand Monument from the Gilded Age
The history of the Pontiac State Hospital (1878, demolished 2000) the second of Michigan state hospitals to be established.  A late Victorian/Italianate/Italian Renaissance hospital.
Bruce Annett   9/26/2004



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